Our Enforcement Lawyers in Colorado Springs Defend Existing Court Orders

Enforcing Court Orders

When the court issues orders to the parties concerning parenting time, payment of support or debt, or a variety of other orders, they mean for the party to comply. Unfortunately, that is not always what happens. At the Law Office of Greg Quimby, P.C., our lawyers have more than a decade of experience in the enforcement of divorce decrees and other court orders. If you need assistance with enforcement, you can be confident that we can help.

Court orders are meant to be complied with. Our experienced attorneys can help you see that they are.

Our law firm can enforce child support, child custody, property division, and other court orders. We understand the variety of options available, which helps us see that court orders are followed.

Enforcement Lawyers

Contempt of Court: If someone is not following court orders, they can be held in contempt of court. Contempt can be remedial in order to fix the problem, or it can also be punitive in order to punish the party for not following the court’s orders.

Motion to Enforce: It may be more appropriate to file a motion with the court for enforcement of an existing order. This will be followed by a hearing to determine how the order will be enforced and what other orders may be necessary in light of a failure to follow the original orders.

In addition to these options, we can also help with modifying orders. We can see that the orders are changed in a way that makes the original orders more easily enforced.

Enforcing Orders and Defending Against Enforcement Actions

If you need a court order enforced, our attorneys can help. We know the actions to take to see that you get what was agreed upon or ordered by the court. If you’re on the receiving end of enforcement actions, either by error or by wrongdoing, we can find opportunities to resolve the situation without jeopardizing your future.

The Colorado Springs, CO enforcement lawyers at the Law Office of Greg Quimby, P.C. invite you to contact us to schedule your free initial consultation.

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