Greg Quimby—Father, Grandfather, & Colorado Springs Family Law Attorney—Cares About Children

If you’ve read this far, you know Greg practices law with his daughter, Erica. Just like with his work, family informs every part of his life. Greg is a devoted father and grandfather. He has 6 grandkids and puts that “on the record” whenever he gets a chance. You can see pictures of his children and grandkids all over the office, as well as the website. He’s been raising children and grandkids most of his adult life.

Besides playing with his grandkids, Greg enjoys riding his bike and practicing law. He not only knows the law, but he understands the concepts behind the law. That is why the Law Office of Greg Quimby, P.C. is successful in dealing with custody cases. Because of his own parenting experience, Greg is not shy about giving out parenting tips while dispensing legal advice.

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Greg’s Granddaughter Wrote the following in the Summer of 2016:

Elijah drew Pokemon for Greg’s 2019 Birthday!

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