How to Know If You Should File for Divorce in Colorado Springs

Making the Right Decision About Where to File Your Case

Are you seeking a divorce but you’re not certain whether Colorado is the right state? Are you interested in making a post decree modification to child custody but aren’t sure where to do it?

If you were married in a different state, have lived in a different state, or were divorced in a different state, the first step you need to take is to determine where to file your case. The lawyers at the Law Office of Greg Quimby, P.C., can help.

Determining Which State Has Jurisdiction

A variety of issues are considered when determining which state has jurisdiction in your divorce, child custody, or other family law case. The three key issues are:

  1. Where have you and the members of your family lived and how long have you lived there? Did you live there long enough to gain resident status?
  2. Where are you and the members of your family currently living?
  3. Which state’s courts, if any, have ruled in your case in the past?

The answers to these questions may indicate whether Colorado is the right state to file your case. They may indicate that you must file in a different state. They may indicate that you have the option to choose in which state to file.

Learning the Benefits of Filing in Colorado

Every state has unique nuances. For example, most states end child support at age 18. In Colorado, child support continues until the child reaches age 19, unless the child is emancipated before that time. This could be a benefit. Of course, it could also be a negative, depending on your situation. With more than a decade of experience on our side, we are able to review all of the factors involved and determine whether or not you should file your case in Colorado. If filing outside of Colorado would serve your needs better, we will tell you. You can be confident that we will give you guidance that is designed to meet your needs.

To find out if Colorado is the right state to file in, you can contact the Law Office of Greg Quimby, P.C. to speak to one of our divorce and family law attorneys in Colorado Springs. We can schedule a free, initial consultation to start answering your questions and addressing your concerns.

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