Our Colorado Springs Elder Law Attorneys Fight for Your Public Benefits

There are many public and private benefits that you may qualify for through a combination of many sources. You may have paid for benefits through your employer, or you may have received them serving in the military. We can help you qualify for and receive the benefits for which you are eligible and entitled.

The complicated public benefit system can be frustrating for people to try to navigate. Clients operate under numerous mistaken impressions that there is nothing that can be done to protect assets from the high cost of nursing homes. Unfortunately, much of the information circulating is false or misinterpreted; added to that is the fact that the laws are always changing.

Fortunately, it is possible that the assets you have spent a lifetime accumulating can be protected from high nursing home expenses with the help of an elder law attorney. Contact the Law Office of Greg Quimby, P.C. today to learn more and receive your free initial consultation.

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