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A divorce attorney office in Colorado Springs, COWhen you and your spouse decide to end your marriage, it is important that you consult with an experienced divorce attorney. You need someone who can explain all of your rights and ensure that you will be financially secure after a divorce. If you are concerned about the custody of your children, child support, spousal maintenance, or the division of your assets, call the Law Office of Greg Quimby, P.C. We have extensive experience with all aspects of divorce and can effectively assert your rights.

Divorce involves dividing assets and debts. If the marriage produced children, it also involves the assigning of responsibilities between the two parents. Our attorneys assist clients with every stage of a divorce and will work with families to ease the transition of a divorce, including:

  • Initial paperwork including pleading to the court and financial disclosures: Divorce can be a complex process involving significant discovery. We can help you assert your rights related to support, custody, and asset division and will use our resources, experience, and determination to protect your rights.
  • Hearings and settlement discussions and mandatory mediation: We have the trial experience to effectively assert your rights in court or in alternative dispute resolution settings.
  • Clarification or modification of final orders: We represent clients in obtaining modifications to existing support or parenting time orders. If you are facing a change in circumstances, we can assist in obtaining a modification to an existing order.

Legal separation allows parties to remain married, but live separately. It can be a better solution than divorce when parties are older and are not interested in getting remarried, but they no longer want to live together. It allows parties to preserve health insurance benefits or protect financial interests. It is also a common alternative for couples who cannot divorce for religious reasons.

Civil Union: The new law changes regarding civil unions in Colorado have created the need for civil union divorces.  A civil union marriage wanting to get divorced has identical requirements as a traditional marriage.  Whether you need a civil union divorce or a traditional divorce our attorneys are capable of handling your individual case needs.

To help you through divorce proceedings, contact us for a free initial consultation. One of our highly experienced family law lawyers in Colorado Springs, CO will help you.