Are You In a Toxic Marriage?

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Is my relationship toxic? How to know your relationship is unhealthy? If you have been asking these questions lately, the chances are that something is not right. Coming to this realization is never easy, but it’s a reality you need to face if you want to mend it. Here are 5 signs you may be in an unhealthy marriage.

1. Lack of communication

Good communication is essential to any healthy relationship. If your partner is pushing away your attempts to have dialogue or they’re not fully present during conversations, it’s telling behavior. It could indicate that they do not care about what you have to say.

2. Jealousy

Along with communication, trust is one of the foundations for a healthy marriage. Are they trying to control who you hang out with and how you spend your time? Have you caught them snooping through your phone or online activity? This reveals their insecurity and lack of faith in you.

3. Threats and blame games

When a relationship is toxic, your partner may gaslight or manipulate you. You may question reality because of this. Emotionally abusive people tend to make their victims believe that they are the reason for the wrongdoings in the relationship. If you find that your spouse is continually blaming you for things out of your control, you may want to reflect on your relationship.

4. You avoid going home

Your relationship should be a place of comfort, like your home. Are you afraid to unwind? Are you truly being yourself around your spouse? Unhealthy relationships can be downright exhausting and you may feel emotionally, mentally, and physically burnt out from putting on a fake show for your spouse and others. Despite the exhaustion, you may find excuses to leave the house or stay longer at work just to stay away from the negativity of your marriage.

5. Feeling like you are walking on eggshells

If you are living in a toxic marriage, you will eventually find yourself to be always in a constant state of anxiety and afraid to do anything that you feel may offend or disappoint your partner.

All of this is entirely due to the fear of being criticized or yelled at. If you are always careful about trivial matters, this is a huge indicator that you are unhappy in this marriage. This is not a sustainable state to be in, and you should act on it as soon as possible rather than suffer in silence.

Recognizing the signs of a toxic marriage is the best way to save it. Unfortunately, for many, it’s past the point of saving. Leaving an emotionally draining relationship does not mean you have failed— it means you are brave.

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