Divorce Mediation Lawyer in Colorado Springs, CO

Erica Vasconcellos and M. Addison Freebairn now facilitate mediation for family law cases.  Erica has been practicing family law for over 13 years and Addison is currently in his first year of practice and supervised by Erica. They regularly use mediation in their family law practice. Now we can provide mediation services for attorneys with family law cases. We are looking forward to helping parties through the mediation process.  

Many if not all Family Law Cases are ordered to participate in mediation.  Mediation is the tool the Court uses to bring the parties together to in good faith attempt to resolve their case through a confidential problem solving process.  A mediator is a neutral third party that does not take one parties side over another but rather helps to come up with unique ways to a solution in ways the parties had not contemplated previously to achieve win-win solutions.  The mediator is not the final decision maker, arbitrator or judge.  However, if the parties do come to an agreement, the mediator may assist in drafting a Memorandum of Understanding.  In general, once the parties sign the Memorandum of Understanding agreement it is binding on the parties, however, court approval may be necessary.  Parties may or may not be represented by an attorney of their choosing.  Mediators are not able to give legal advice as they are a neutral third party and do not represent either party.  If the parties are unable to resolve their disputes at mediation then the parties can seek other legal remedies.

Couple meeting with divorce mediation attorney in Colorado Springs, CO
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