Legal Separation Attorney in Colorado Springs, CO

Are you facing a divorce? We understand how overwhelmed you might be, so let the Law Office of Greg Quimby, P.C., help you navigate this stressful time in your life.

Turn to a Qualified Divorce Attorney in Colorado Springs, CO

A divorce is not only emotional but also often complex. If there are children, valuable assets, or questions about alimony involved, you might not know where to start. We can help.

The offices of our legal separation attorney in Colorado Springs, CO

Turn to the Law Office of Greg Quimby, P.C., for help with:

Initial paperwork: We can help you fill out the divorce paperwork, including information about financial situations. This can help you with your assets division, alimony, and child custody rights.

Hearings and settlements:If you settle your divorce in court, we will make sure your side is heard. We stand up for your rights.

Mediation: If a judge orders mediation, we are qualified to represent you.

Final Orders: Confused about a final order? Facing new circumstances? We can help clarify and modify final orders in your best interests.

We also can help with legal separation and civil union dissolutions. With the Law Office of Greg Quimby, P.C., by your side, you have a voice.

Trust in a Capable Divorce Lawyer to Help You

At the Law Office of Greg Quimby, P.C., you’re more than just a client. You’re a person that needs our help. As a boutique firm, we take on the clients that need our help the most. We’re not afraid of challenges, so you’ll find we undertake difficult cases.

We also believe in consistent communication. Your difficulties are not confined to a schedule, so when you have a question, we answer it as soon as possible. With three qualified lawyers and over 20 years of experience, our law firm has the tools to help your case succeed. Call us for a free consultation at 719-442-6842 in El Paso County, CO.

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