Is There a Right Time to File for Divorce?

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Unhappy spouses tend to want to get through carving the turkey and unwrapping gifts as a family, but then the new year strikes and breakups surge, which is why January has earned its nickname “divorce month.” Research from the University of Washington’s Brian Serafini and Julie Brines also shows that divorce consistently peaks in March and August, which could be the result of disillusioned holidays and the reality that settles upon spouses.

If you’re wondering if the beginning of the year would work better than the summertime, there isn’t necessarily a straight answer. Although there’s no “perfect” time to get a divorce, our attorneys at the Law Office of Greg Quimby, P.C. are providing the best situations to start from.

What to Consider Before Filing for Divorce:

  • COVID-19. In this current health crisis, there is a lot to consider before filing for divorce including your kid's schooling situation, child custody options, financial outlook, courthouse processes, and more. Now may be the best time to reach agreements through mediation. You can still move forward with your divorce but you can avoid divorce litigation and resolve issues with your spouse. 

  • Debt. Your finances play a crucial role in divorce, and not getting a clear financial picture can be a major cause of contention. If you or your spouse has accumulated a considerable amount of credit card or student debt during your partnership, you could still be legally responsible for them. Having minimal credit card debt would make for a better start for divorce.

  • Real estate market. Property division is another part of a divorce that is heavily discussed. If you and your spouse have decided to sell the house, you want it to be when it’s a seller’s market.

  • Credit. Your credit score can take a hit amid divorce from court trials, legal fees, and property division, but you’ll need to keep it up. For example, you will need a good credit score if your spouse gets the car and you need to purchase a replacement.

Divorce Attorneys in Colorado Springs

It can feel like there’s never a right time for divorce, but an attorney can help navigate you through the process even with the current difficulties of the COVID-19. Our father-daughter law firm has aided many clients in finalizing their divorces favorably, and we’re not afraid of taking on difficult and complex cases for our clients.

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