Is It Ok To Date While Going Through Divorce?

A pair of hands across from each other, each hold a cup of coffee.Why You Should Wait To Date Until After Your Divorce

It is not uncommon for divorcing spouses to feel lonely as they navigate their way throughout this emotional process. Although you may want to reenter the dating pool to find a new companion, it is best to hold off on dating until after you finalize your divorce. With so much on your plate and so many factors at play, dating during a divorce can create a vast array of problems, some of which may impact the outcome of your settlement. Therefore, it is best to take some time to focus on closing this chapter in your life before you embark on the next one.

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The Risks of Dating Before Your Divorce is Finalized

The end of a marriage is a major, life-altering event that may deplete a person’s self-esteem, especially if the other spouse initiated the process. As a result, those going through a divorce often turn to dating in search of a confidence boost and a distraction from the problems they are facing. Unfortunately, while this may provide some much-needed immediate gratification, dating before the divorce is finalized can have some undesirable effects. If you are considering dating, take a moment to learn more about the risks before putting yourself out there again.

Here are some of the risks of dating during a divorce:

  • It can make the process even more contentious: No matter who initiated the divorce, seeing your spouse with someone new will sting. Your spouse may become more combative and fight you on certain key issues that will ultimately draw out the process and result in greater legal costs. Instead of stoking the flames during an already difficult time, focus on resolving your divorce before you begin looking for a new companion.
  • It can harm the relationship you have with your children: Your divorce will likely be even more challenging for your children to cope with and they will certainly need you to help them get through it. If you are dating, however, you will have less time to devote to them and they may feel resentful and believe that you do not care. Consider their feelings and avoid rushing into anything.
  • You need time to heal: Even if you do not realize it, you need some time to heal from your divorce. As exciting as it may be to discover someone new, it will distract you from working on yourself and examining what you might have done better.

The more time you take to heal and properly close this chapter in your life, the better your future will be.

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