What to Do If You Are Struggling to Make Child Support Payments

Making your child support obligation can be overwhelmingly challenging if you face financial difficulties. If this is the position you are in, you are not alone. It may feel insurmountable now, but there are practical steps to take to address this issue, enabling you to prioritize your child's well-being.

At the Law Office of Greg Quimby, P.C., we believe in proactive action and strategic planning to help our clients deal with these tough situations. In this blog post, we delve into possible strategies to help you comply with your child support order.

First Step: Don't Stop Making Payments

If you're struggling to meet your child support obligations, the first and most crucial step is to ensure you do not stop making payments. While the financial strain may be overwhelming, ceasing payments altogether may lead to severe consequences. One of which is that you could be held in contempt of court.

The key is understanding that the court takes these obligations very seriously, and not meeting them can potentially lead to punitive action. Therefore, it's vital to continue paying as much as possible and on time while exploring other options. Remember, demonstrating a consistent effort to meet your obligation is better than making no effort at all.

Next Step: Consult an Experienced Attorney

The next step you should consider when facing difficulties with your child support payments is seeking guidance from an experienced attorney. At the Law Office of Greg Quimby, P.C., we focus on family law and have extensive experience dealing with these types of child support cases. Consulting with our seasoned legal professionals can give you the direction and assistance you need to get through this.

A skilled attorney can assist you in:

  • Reviewing your current financial situation
  • Helping you understand your support order
  • Explaining the specific laws in Colorado about child support
  • Opening negotiations with your child's other parent
  • Exploring all of your legal options
  • Representing you in court should your case go before a judge

Remember, tackling these challenges alone can be daunting and legally risky. Let us stand with you during this difficult time as we strive to find the best possible solutions to your child support issues.

Exploring the Option of Child Support Modifications

If your financial situation has changed significantly since your child support order was issued, you might be eligible for a child support modification. This is one of the most common remedies for parents who are unable to meet their current child support obligations due to circumstances beyond their control.

A child support modification entails a formal request to the court to reevaluate the terms of your existing child support order. This process typically involves presenting evidence that accurately illustrates your current financial predicament, usually showing a significant and lasting change in circumstances.

Such changes could be due to:

  • Job loss
  • Substantial decrease in income
  • Increase in cost of living
  • The birth of a new child
  • Acquiring an additional dependent

Remember that receiving a modification isn't automatic; the court will thoroughly evaluate your case to determine if there's a valid reason to alter the current order. The goal is to strike a balance that ensures the child's needs continue to be met while considering the paying parent's financial hardship.

If you are worried that you cannot make your child support payments, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with our team. Contact us online to get started.

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