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Spousal maintenance is among the most combative issues in the divorce process. Our Colorado Springs spousal support attorneys at the Law Office of Greg Quimby, P.C. work to protect our clients’ financial security so that they can move forward with life after divorce. Our spousal attorneys have decades of experience, finely honed trial skills, and an unyielding dedication to our clients’ success.

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    Determining Spousal Support Awards

    Stack of one hundred dollar bills and a note that says "alimony" tied together with a rubber band.Spousal support – also known as spousal maintenance or alimony – is money paid to the dependent spouse by the higher-earning one. The court will assess the higher-earning spouse’s ability to pay and the lesser-earning spouse’s needs when determining whether to award alimony.

    The court will consider factors such as:

    • The duration of the marriage
    • The marital standard of living
    • The education of both spouses
    • The age and health of each party

    How Long Can A Spouse Receive Alimony?

    If you do receive alimony from a spouse, the marriage must last for at least three years but less than 20 for post-separation families without children. The state of Colorado uses the following system to calculate the amount and duration of spousal support:

    • 3 years: 31% for 11 months
    • 5 years: 35% for 21 months
    • 10 years: 45% for 54 months
    • 15 years: 50% for 90 months
    • 20 years: 50% for 120 months

    If the marriage lasted longer than 20 years, the court will have the power to award spousal support for a specific number of years or indefinitely.

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    An experienced Colorado Springs divorce lawyer can be an excellent asset in a complex divorce case, especially when spousal support is involved. Whether you anticipate paying or receiving alimony through your divorce, the right family law attorney on your side can thoroughly influence the outcome of the case.

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