We Help Families Navigate Family Law in Colorado Springs, Fort Carson, and Falcon, CO

Focused on Family Law Since 1998

Attorney Greg Quimby formed our law firm in 1998 with a focus on divorce and other family law matters. He was joined by his daughter, attorney Erica Vasconcellos, in 2003. Our team is strengthened by skilled paralegals and legal assistants who share our attorneys’ commitment to achieving results for the people we represent.

We Take an Aggressive Approach to Achieving Results




At the Law Office of Greg Quimby, P.C., we believe that an aggressive approach is required to achieve results. When we say aggressive, we don’t mean charging headlong into litigation on every case. We do what is right for each individual case, but we do not shy away from litigation. We won’t suggest compromise unless that compromise is in your best interest. Being prepared and being willing to litigate is the best way to position your case for a favorable settlement.

Attorney Greg Quimby is a veteran of courtroom battles. He began his legal career as a Deputy District Attorney in 1993. Within 3 years, he had taken a position as the Assistant District Attorney and Chief Trial Deputy. He tried hundreds of cases including “front page” murder trials. While prosecuting criminals is different than handling divorces, the key concepts of litigation are the same, and he puts them to work to get results.

Attorney Erica Vasconcellos is just as zealous an advocate as her father, and she is committed to reaching the best possible outcome for every client.




Understanding the Importance of Family



We care about your family and are committed to protecting them. Our firm believes that our experience raising children is just as important as the degrees and gold-plated plaques on our walls. When you choose our law firm to handle your case, you can be confident that our priority is to protect you and your family. This priority is reflected in the name of our building, which is 4 Kids. This name choice was no accident.


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If you’re unsure where to begin with your family law matter, our attorneys have the experience to help you and, for your convenience, are offering a free initial consultation to those living in Colorado Springs and the surrounding communities. To begin your free consultation, contact us today either by calling 719-442-6842 or emailing us through our online contact form.

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