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How Does Colorado Calculate Child Support?

Close up of a hand holding a credit card in one hand and typing on a laptop with the other.Colorado child support is often addressed during the divorce process or when unmarried parents end their relationship. Colorado Springs family courts follow guidelines to determine how much a non-custodial parent should be expected to pay in child support. Child support amounts may be calculated based on:

Should I Get a Lawyer for Child Support Modification?

You should hire a lawyer for child support modifications. If you are looking to reduce your child custody agreement, you must file a modification called Motion to Modify.

Before making the request for an adjustment on the existing child support order, you will need to provide additional information that may include tax returns, pay stubs, and other documents.

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How Long Can You Go Without Paying Child Support in Colorado?

Child support payments should extend until a child turns 19 years old in Colorado.

According to the Colorado statutes, 19 is the legal age of emancipation in the state. This law could be shortened or extend the time of child support payment for a parent with several exceptions, which are:

  • if the child is still in high school, child support payments continue until a month after graduation;
  • if the child drops out of high school and later re-enrolls, child support is required until a month after graduation, but not beyond age 21;
  • if the child is physically or mentally disabled, child support may continue longer;
  • if the child gets married in Colorado before the age of 19, he or she will be considered emancipated, meaning child support will no longer be mandatory (however, if the marriage ends, child support may be reinstated);
  • if the children join the military before the age of 19, he or she will also be considered emancipated and therefore child support will end early.

What is The Average Child Support Payment in Colorado?

In Colorado Springs, child support is a percentage of the combined gross income between both parents, which also depends on various factors. Roughly 20% of your income goes to 1 child and 10% for each additional child.

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