• In the courtroom, Greg was knowledgeable and quick on his feet; I couldn't have had better representation.
    Gregory Quimby represented me recently in a child support case. He was extremely efficient, competent, and knew exactly what approach to take to attain a positive outcome for my case. He gave me constructive advice on what documentation I should track and provide that would be best to support my case. He fought for me and was excellent at mediating agreements between parties with good outcomes. Greg and I easily kept each other updated through e-mail correspondence and phone calls. I gave Greg my opinion on how I wanted to approach some issues and he was excellent in advocating them for me. In the courtroom, Greg was knowledgeable and quick on his feet; I couldn't have had better representation. I had full confidence in Greg and the opposing attorney also knew that Greg was going to advocate and fight for me.

    - Travis M.

  • You helped me to change the lives of my children.
    Dear Greg & Staff,

    I'm not sure how to begin to thank you for all that you have done for me and for my children. I came to you feeling virtually helpless after having already endured a painful and bitter divorce. I was then faced with serious issues concerning the well-being of my children and needed assistance in making changes to existing orders and also to enforce orders that were being blatantly ignored. I felt defeated before I'd even begun the process.

    But then I called your office. I still remember the evening that I called. I explained to you my situation and within minutes of talking with you, I felt a peace in my heart. After meeting with you for our consultation, I left your office with a newfound confidence and a feeling of empowerment, knowing that I was going to be able to take the necessary steps in filing changes in my decree, which would create a better environment for my children.

    Often times in divorce, one or both parties become so bitter that, all of the sudden, it becomes a power struggle between the adults, instead of focusing on the children and what is truly best for them.

    Divorce is one of the most difficult things that anyone has to go through, and when there are children involved, I strongly feel that the children's best interest truly have to remain the focus. The relationship between the husband and wife may have been dissolved by the divorce; however, they each still have a responsibility and, more importantly, an obligation to their children to make each decision thereafter based on what is best for their children, NOT what they want for themselves. In my case, you and your staff helped me in making the necessary changes so that my children were protected, regardless of my ex's motives.

    You and your staff provided me with sound advice and strong legal representation, and, to your credit, by working together, we went into court with confidence, which helped us we win each of our cases, hands down.

    I am so thankful that I picked up the phone that evening, when I called feeling lost and without hope. You changed all of that and thankfully, you helped me to change the lives of my children. You and your office were so kind and helpful. I thank you all so very much for all that you have done for me and my children.

    I wish you and your office the very best as you continue to help others.

    Mrs. C

    - Mrs. C

  • You can put your trust in Greg Quimby and Erica Vasconcellos. They will not let you down.
    It is my great pleasure to recommend the Law Offices of Greg Quimby. A friend recommended Greg while I was involved in divorce proceedings. As a military father of two young sons, I was very concerned about my sons' welfare and the impact of the divorce on them. After more than 8 months of proceedings with a different attorney, I decided to look into the Law Firm of Greg Quimby. Seeing the "4 Kids" motto on the building was a breath of fresh air! Once I met Greg, his daughter Erica, and his staff, I realized I had been with the wrong attorney the whole time! I was honestly amazed at the level of service I received. I was continually impressed with Greg's knowledge of Colorado statutes and the focus he puts on children and families. While I believe there is no winner in divorce, I was very pleased with the outcome of the proceedings. Greg and Erica worked tirelessly with opposing counsel, custody evaluators, and the court. I can honestly say I owe the award of custody of my two sons to the hard work of Greg and his team.

    Greg's team of paralegals is knowledgeable, professional, personable, and works hard for each of their clients. Their communication is outstanding. Through arbitration, custody evaluation, and numerous filings, they stayed on top of my proceedings and often went out of their way to work with me while understanding my military commitments and parenting needs. I owe a debt of gratitude to my paralegal, Linda Rogan, for all of her hard work. She is without a doubt the best in her field.

    My greatest joy is my children. As a parent, I would do anything for them. I feel I made the best choice of their lives when I entrusted my divorce and custody proceedings to the Law Offices of Greg Quimby.

    You can put your trust in Greg Quimby and Erica Vasconcellos. They will not let you down.

    Carl A. Ivey III, Captain, USAF
  • Every day, I give thanks to God, Erica Vasconcellos, and Greg Quimby!
    The day I met Erica Vasconcellos was one of the best days of my life. My husband and I are the paternal grandparents of Adrian. We were in desperate need of legal help in obtaining custody of my grandson, Adrian. His mother told us that she didn't want him and she left him with us when he was five months old. We pleaded with her to sign papers if she wanted us to have him, but she always had an excuse to put us off. So, I had already had him for a year and a half when his mother decided that she as going to take him back at the urging of her own mother. Prior to that, she had assured us again that she would sign legal custody over to us or even let us adopt him, I knew that she really didn't want him, since he kind of cramped her partying life style. She had already lost custody of her first son. Adrian was a special needs baby who needed a lot of TLC. It did take a lot of time and energy, day in and day out to care of him. My husband and I cared for him together, alternating nights, so that we could take turns sleeping.

    The day his biological mother came to take Adrian back was heartbreaking. She had done so many times before when she would get upset with us but always brought him back after a few days saying that he was too much trouble, and he would never stop crying or vomiting, He had severe acid reflux. He would come back to us with the horrible diaper rash, and in desperate need of a bath. I knew he was abused and neglected every time that she took him, but I had no legal rights, YET. After she took him, I decided that it was time to do something, and got on the phone to several different attorneys. After finally deciding that Greg Quimby/Erica Vasconcellos seemed like my best option, I told them my story. Erica had me in her office the very next morning. That made me very happy. She immediately took my affidavit and filed Emergency Ex-Parte Motion. She filed in on July 22, 2004. We had Adrian back in physical custody that very same day, and we were granted legal custody but had to give the other parties visitation, every other week-end from Friday to Sunday. My grandson, Adrian would scream and cry and beg me not to make him go with them, but I had to follow the court order. As time went on, that did not work out well. Adrian was able to talk at that time, and could tell us what was going on. He would tell us that his maternal grandmother would pick him up from us and leave him at a baby-sitter that he didn't know or like. He told me that he would just cry for me all the time and that would make them angry. He would come home with bruises, which they would always try to explain away. One time, I had to take him to the hospital with a bruised forehead and a black eye, and the doctor confirmed a concussion. They told the judge that he fell while running. We could not prove otherwise, but we knew he was abused. He would come back to us on Sunday evening smelling like smoke, marijuana, etc. He was returned to me dirty, soiled, and hungry. That was the beginning of more problems. But my attorneys were persistent and filed contempt of court on them for not following the court order, three different times. During this time, my attorney, Erica Vasconcellos, was on maternity leave, I was very nervous about her not being able to represent me in court, but she said that her father, Greg Quimby would take the case. To tell you the truth, I really wanted Erica, but she was delivering twins so I felt like I didn't really have a choice. But Greg Quimby was yet another answer to our prayers. He knew exactly what he was doing. Greg saw me through all the court dates with great success! He actually had to correct the judge a few times and explain the law to her. Finally, the third time that we filed contempt charges and proving our case again, the Judge ordered supervised visitation at CASA for Adrian and his biological mother, I was truly grateful for that, knowing that he would be safe during visitation. That lasted for about seven months before his mother was suspended for breaking the rules and having many no-shows. CASA gave several warnings and were very lenient before finally suspending her.

    Thanks to Greg Quimby and Erica Vasconcellos, we have full legal custody of our grandson, Adrian. He is now a bright, happy, content boy that gives us joy every day.

    I highly recommend Greg Quimby and Erica Vasconcellos to any parent or grandparent that feels they need to step in for the best interest of the child. They will not stop until the correct legal measures are taken. They saw me through every step of the way, from beginning to end. And their paralegals are outstanding and very top notch. They always took every phone call, e-mail, etc. I could not ask for anything more. They thought of everything. It was truly professional, starting from the initial phone call, through the investigation, witnesses, mediations, restraining order, court hearings, etc. They are extremely capable, knowledgeable, aggressive, and I will never forget what they did for us and our grandchild. Every day, I give thanks to God, Erica Vasconcellos, and Greg Quimby!

    Diane V.

    - Diane V.

  • Miracles still happen every day, and you all are often a part of making some miracles happen.
    Dear Mr. Quimby and 4 Kids Staff,

    I'd like to take this opportunity to personally thank, strongly endorse, and recommend you, your staff, and your own daughter, Erica, in writing for the wonderful legal counsel, personal advice, and family support all of you provided not only me, but also our entire family during a very difficult and trying time for all of us emotionally, financially, and legally over the past several months. I'd also like to thank you and your staff for the outstanding legal support and service you have provided to several friends and co-workers of mine who relied on your legal expertise as well over the past several years. These friends and co-workers gave your law firm rave reviews and top-notch referrals, which is why there was no doubt after first meeting you and several of your staff that I knew our family was in good legal hands under your care.

    One of the main reasons I chose to have your law firm represent me personally, our family's future, and most importantly what was in the best interest of our 4 children was what I heard about your law firm through word-of-mouth, and also what I could tell immediately was really most important to your law firm, which was what was best for our children. Not only did you protect our family from legal self-destruction, eminent financial bankruptcy, and what seemed most likely to end up being a very bitter divorce, but you were actually even more delighted to eventually no longer be needed, as our family of 6 happily reunited again after almost 6 months of separation. In a nutshell, what you and your staff legally performed and ultimately facilitated was nothing less than a miracle in our family's eyes, and I truly believe God's own hand was at work in everything you and your staff did for us, as our legal "angels."

    Please let your staff and daughter know that miracles still happen every day, and you all are often a part of making some miracles happen, legally speaking.

    Moen Family

    - Moen Family

  • I won my case and was even owed money. What a team!
    When I was going through an emotionally challenging legal dispute it was reassuring to have Greg and Erica in my 'court.' Their insight, positive attitude, and teamwork throughout the office was keenly evident throughout my long ordeal. From Greg and Erica to Linda, their astute paralegal, I knew I was in good hands from beginning to end. I won my case and was even owed money. What a team!

    - Brandt

  • I assure you that you'll be in good hands. Give them a call, and never give up.

    Congratulations, your search is now over. Despite what you may read or hear, the second most important decision a parent may ever make in a lifetime is selecting the right legal counsel. I know it sounds odd, but if you hear me out I'll also share the first with you in just a moment. Perhaps like you, I was once at a crossroads in my life in search of the best attorney I could find.

    Against all odds, I was a divorced single father wanting to re-gain parental responsibility of my child and relocate from Colorado back to my home state. Many told me it would be impossible, and even more suggested I not even bother. Like most situations, mine too was riddles with complexities so great I thought I'd never find someone to help get me through them, much less understand them. It seemed so far out of reach, everything was up hill, yet I knew it was the right thing to do for my child.

    If you find yourself in similar circumstances, consider yourself fortunate that you have crossed paths with the finest team in the state of Colorado. Greg Quimby, Erica Vasconcellos, and team are by far the absolute best of the best, hands down.

    From day one the team went out of their way. I recall Greg made time for my initial consultation on his Sunday afternoon. Not just any Sunday, but Super Bowl Sunday. As time went on, I found the team to be very responsive, returning emergency calls after hours and on weekends and working my case late in to the evenings when needed. It didn't take long to realize the level of effort and professionalism expressed by the team was like that of no other organization I have ever dealt with.

    Over time I began to realize and appreciate the true passion Greg and the team has for children and their future. They were genuine, they were real, and they were like family. My case was very unique, but after nearly two years of perseverance it was a success for my child. I am convinced without a doubt that I couldn't have ever done it alone, or with any other team by my side. I will be forever in their debt.

    So for those parents out there who have already made the number one most important decision in their life, which is to always put your child(ren)'s needs above your own, even when it costs you blood, sweat, tears, pain, heartache, and gold, I commend you. Your second most important decision now awaits you, and if you choose wisely, I assure you that you'll be in good hands. Give them a call, and never give up.

    Best of luck and God Bless,
    R. Stillions

    - R. Stillions

  • This team is made up of intelligent, confident people who stand firm, yet remain decent and good.

    It is with great pleasure that I present this law firm with my recommendation.

    I have had the misfortune of being in need of legal assistance on two occasions now. It is because of how well and sincerely Mrs. Vasconcellos and her father, Mr. Quimby, handled my divorce in March of 2006 that I returned to this law firm for further guidance in March of 2008. Even from over eight hundred miles away, in Shreveport, Louisiana, I sought them out.

    I believe the work of this law firm to be conducted with a fair and honest mind set. This firm has a strong sense of what is best for the family, including the other party (who may not still be part of your family). This firm stays focused on what the client is trying to achieve, not taking detours to prolong the process or going astray on some tangent so that they might line their pockets. This team is made up of intelligent, confident people who stand firm, yet remain decent and good. Clean if you will, because they do not play dirty.

    In short, Greg Quimby and Erica Vasconcellos: Attorneys at Law will give you strong, powerful representation. And it will be done respectfully, honestly, and fairly, with honor, decency, and integrity.

    With my regards,
    Single Working Mom, far far from home
    Skylar B.

    - Skylar B.

  • We would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire office for their commitment, hard work, dedication, patience, and compassion.
    My family and I would like to recommend the Law Office of Greg Quimby. Not knowing what to expect, we made an appointment with Erica to discuss our case. Our initial consultation went well. She answered case specific questions we had regarding a time frame of completion and her realistic estimate of cost.

    Throughout our case Erica, Michelle, and the entire staff made themselves available to assist us with our endless amounts of questions, some I might have even asked twice. It's reassuring to know that people like Erica and Michelle in their position with the courts are giving children in these cases the support and attention they deserve. When you see it, believe it, they really are "4 kids."

    We would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire office for their commitment, hard work, dedication, patience, and compassion they give children in these unfortunate situations. Hopefully we are no longer in need of your services; however, if the situation arises, we know who to call.

    Thanks again,
    Our children's parents
  • Words can never express the gratitude and appreciation that we have.
    I would like to take this time to thank you for the incredible service your office provided to me and my daughter during a very difficult custody battle.

    I feel very fortunate to have had the professionalism and support that was given to both of us by Erica Vasconcellos as my attorney. She fought so very hard for me during all court proceedings and never wavered in any decisions we made during our consultations. She and all of the staff always made me feel very comfortable throughout this overwhelming experience. I could always count on a returned phone call or email in a timely manner that answered all of my questions very thoroughly and informatively, and never make me feel as though it was a burden to do so.

    The compassion, care, and strength that I received from all of you was so important to me. At no time did I ever feel as though I was just "another client," but an individual with individual needs. The patience and understanding I received by all staff lessened my stress level and allowed me to focus on the most important reason I was there...my daughter. In fact, you always made me and my daughter feel as though we were a part of your family, and it's great that we still keep in contact with one another.

    Words can never express the gratitude and appreciation that we have for Erica and the office of Greg Quimby P.C. It has been a true blessing for all of us to be able to watch my daughter grow, progress, and be the happy, well-rounded child that she has become.

    Once again, thank you!

    - Mr. Sanders

  • God bless you as you continue to help children!!!
    Dear Mr. Quimby,

    Just a personal note to say thank you so much for the way you handled our daughter's case regarding her son Luke's best interests. You did an amazing and remarkable job, as we suspected you would, after our initial consult with you!! After 5 years of pure hell for these 3 children (our grandsons), we knew we had to do something to protect them, especially our little Luke, who suffered so much at the hands of his father and [stepmother]. We are so grateful to God and you that things are turning around in Luke's favor. He seems to be doing very well with the transition of his dad and wife living here now.

    Thank you for "looking out" for Maggie and making sure she and her future with her children are protected, and that she wasn't taken advantage of. Maggie is feisty, but at the same time, very merciful and tender-hearted, so it is easy sometimes for her needs to get "overlooked," or to be taken advantage of.

    We appreciate your professional skills, gifts, and talents, and your kindness and compassion, as well. We felt like you were looking out for all of us...including Mike's checkbook! (Maggie's dad!) We have never seen a lawyer do that!

    God bless you as you continue to help children!!!

    - Mary (Maggie's mother)

  • You have changed mine and my son's life forever.
    Thank you so much for all of your hard work. You have changed mine and my son's life forever. Thank you for that.