Social Media Habits to Avoid During a Divorce

Social Media Habits to Avoid During a Divorce

As soon as you tap that “post” button, your tweet, comment, picture, and words are released to the public forever. One of the primary purposes of social media is to share. You share celebrations, big wins, the highs and sometimes the lows. Why wouldn’t you update your friends and family about divorce?

Social media is ubiquitous, and the courtroom isn’t immune to its presence either. Data from the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers showed that 81% of divorce lawyers found court-worthy evidence from social networking platforms. While you may have posted something with good intentions, you never know how the opposing party will use it against you to hurt your case.

Our experienced divorce and family law attorneys are here to help! Here are our top social media tips to consider during a divorce.

What to Avoid:

  • Releasing information regarding your divorce, case, attorneys, expectations, or spouse.

  • Posting images or stories of excessive drinking, partying, or lewd behavior.

  • Liking posts, pictures, memes, tweets, or comments depicting negative views of marriage, your spouse, or family.

  • Sharing photos or videos of your kids doing something your spouse would not approve of.

  • Sharing your location.

  • Sharing lavish purchases.

Refrain from Joining Dating Sites

Hold off on signing up for or until after your divorce is finalized. A judge may be more hesitant to grant custody when there’s a brand new partner in the picture

How to Use Social Media During a Divorce

The best advice we can give is to avoid all social media activity. The consequences of posting, “liking,” or sharing the wrong thing may have lasting results that aren’t in your favor. If you must stay on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or any other platform, consult an experienced divorce attorney to ensure that you are not hurting your defense.

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