Kids Are Forever with Our Family Law Firm in Colorado Springs

Attorney Greg Quimby believes that kids are forever. To honor that belief, he had the statue below, titled “My Little Girl,” made to memorialize his special bond with his daughter, Erica. Greg has always felt honored that his daughter has counted him as one of her best friends; he feels the same way about her.

Whenever his grandkids—Erica’s children—visit the office, they always say, “That’s my mommy!” to which he replies, “Yes, but she’s my little girl.” Kids are forever—Erica will always be his daughter, just as he will always be his father’s son. In fact, Greg still goes to his dad for his opinion on whether he’s doing the right thing.

At the Law Office of Greg Quimby, we maintain this mindset when helping our clients. When families visit our firm, we hope that this statue inspires and encourages all parents and kids to nurture the same type of bond found between Greg and Erica.

Small bronze statue lampEngraving of My Little Girl

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