Creating a Parenting Plan in Colorado

Making It Work For Everyone

If you are a parent preparing for a divorce in Colorado, creating a parenting plan is one of the most important aspects of the process. This document will outline how you and your ex-spouse will share custody of your children and what rules and regulations will apply. Including as much detail as possible in your parenting plan is crucial so there are no misunderstandings down the road.

In this blog, learn what to include in your parenting plan and how to create it.

What to Include in a Parenting Plan in Colorado

Creating a schedule is one of the most important aspects of a parenting plan. This schedule should include when the child will be with each parent and any holidays or special occasions that need to be considered. It is essential to be as detailed as possible when creating this schedule to avoid any confusion or conflict down the road.

Communication is Key

Another vital component of a parenting plan is creating guidelines for communication between parents. This can include how often parents will check in with one another, what method of communication will be used, and how any conflict will be handled. It is important to have these guidelines in place to ensure that both parents can avoid any misunderstandings.

Being Flexible

Finally, it is essential to include a clause in the parenting plan that allows for flexibility. This can be helpful if there are schedule changes or unforeseen circumstances arise. A flexible clause in the parenting plan can help avoid unnecessary stress or conflict.

Work with a Child Custody Attorney

Creating a parenting plan can seem daunting, but it is crucial to take the time to create something that works best for your family. By including all of the key components, you can create a plan that will provide structure and stability.

If you need help creating a parenting plan, it is important to work with an experienced attorney. An attorney can help you understand the process and ensure that all necessary components are included. An attorney can also help you to navigate any legal issues that may arise.

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