The Benefits of Agreeing to and Attending Divorce Mediation

Not every marriage ends in happily ever after. Up to 50 percent of all couples who get married end up getting divorced down the road. If you are divorcing your spouse and you are not on the same page as far as asset separation, debt separation, and child custody go, you may think that going to divorce court is in your future. But there is an alternative.

If you and your spouse both agree to it, you can attend mediation in lieu of going before a judge. A mediator will work with you and your spouse, as well as any lawyers you may have, to come up with a fair settlement that everyone agrees to that can then be submitted to the courts. Here are a few of the benefits of mediating a divorce case.

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Mediation May Help You Get Divorced Faster

One of the benefits associated with attending mediation for a divorce case is that mediation can help you to get divorced faster.

In many counties, family courts are overwhelmed by filings and, due to budget cuts, they have limited resources to handle and hear cases. As such, your case may not be heard before a judge for weeks or months, depending on the county that you are divorcing in.

Most mediators can schedule an appointment fairly quickly. Once you and your spouse come to an agreement, the papers can then be filed with the court, helping you to end your marriage faster.

You Have a Say in Your Divorce Agreement With Mediation

The second benefit associated with mediation and divorce cases is that both you and your spouse have a say in the final divorce agreement.

When a judge hears your case, the judge has the final say in everything. All of the control is taken out of you and your spouse’s hands.

As you separate, you may have items that you want to keep or things you want in the divorce for sentimental or personal reasons. Being able to come to an agreement among yourselves allows both of you to hopefully get the things that are most important to each of you, something that is not guaranteed if you go before a judge.

Mediation Is Often Cheaper Than Taking a Case to Trial

Taking a divorce case to trial can be expensive. You may have to take time off of work to attend the trial, and if you are represented, you have to pay your attorney for the hours that they spend preparing for and attending the case.

The third benefit to mediation is that it is typically significantly cheaper than taking a case to trial. If you want to keep your divorce costs low, mediation is a great option.

Anything Said and Agreed to During Mediation Is Confidential

The final benefit to mediation is that anything said and agreed to during mediation is confidential. This is why many celebrities mediate their divorces rather than having a divorce trial.

When you have a divorce trial, everything, including your assets, debts, and child support payments is public record. This makes your personal business public. If you want to keep your personal life private, settling your issues through mediation can help you do just that.

Hiring a Colorado Springs lawyer during the divorce process can be beneficial. A lawyer can oversee everything that is occurring and ensure that assets and debts are fairly split and everything is handled properly. If you are going through a divorce and looking to hire a caring and compassionate law firm to assist you, contact the Law Office of Greg Quimby, P.C. Give us a call now to schedule a free consultation or mediation.

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