Annulling a Marriage in Colorado: Your Guide

If you're considering a divorce, you may also be wondering about other ways to end your marriage, such as annulment. But can you actually annul your marriage in Colorado? That's what we're covering in this blog.

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How Can I Annul My Marriage in Colorado?

Annulling a marriage essentially involves getting a court to declare your marriage invalid. In Colorado, there are several reasons you may be able to receive an annulment (Declaration of Invalidity):

  • One of the spouses lacked the ability to consent to the marriage when it was solemnized due to mental problems, or because they were under the influence of drugs or alcohol;
  • One of the spouses withheld that they lacked the ability to consummate their marriage at the time of solemnization;
  • At the time of solemnization, one of the spouses was underage and a parent, guardian, or Colorado judge did not consent to the marriage;
  • One party used fraud to convince their spouse to engage in the marriage with them;
  • The marriage was only solemnized as part of a joke or dare between the parties;
  • Bigamy (meaning one spouse is still legally married to another party) was committed by one or both spouses at the time the marriage was solemnized.

To obtain a Declaration of Invalidity or an annulment, you must have been a resident of Colorado for at least thirty days. You can then go to your County Court and request forms to obtain a Declaration of Invalidity.

Once you fill out those forms, you can file them with your County Court to initiate your annulment case.

Providing evidence that supports your claims of an invalid marriage is often one of the most challenging parts of obtaining a marriage annulment in Colorado is providing proof for the annulment. A lawyer who understands annulment cases can help you obtain an annulment more easily.

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