What Should You Do with Your Ring After a Divorce?

Taking off wedding ring

Wedding rings are a symbol of your commitment to your spouse, but what if that relationship has come to an end? It’s a question many ask but find difficult to answer. There’s no right or wrong solution— it boils down to what you want to do. But if you need some creative suggestions, continue reading.

  • Pass it on to your children. All parents hope to leave something valuable for their children. Tuck the ring away in a safe place and gift it to your daughter or son when the timing is right. Even though your marriage didn’t last forever, it can be a meaningful piece of jewelry to your kids.
  • Give it back to your ex. If you want to close the book on your marriage nobly, consider offering to return the ring to your ex-spouse. This is especially generous when the ring is a family heirloom rather than coming from a jewelry store.
  • Repurpose the diamond. There’s nothing wrong with still loving your ring, and you want to keep it around. Do just that and have the ring redesigned into something that fits your new lifestyle.
  • Sell the ring, and treat yourself! Unless you’re still emotionally attached to it, there are no cons to selling the ring. Spend the money on a vacation, a down payment for a home, investing it into a college fund, or donate it to charity.
  • Get rid of it entirely. You can get creative with this, truly. Give it a ceremonial goodbye, bury it in the home you bought together, or toss it into the fireplace. These are only a few ideas, but the possibilities are endless.

There is no timeline when it comes to getting rid of your wedding ring after a divorce. The most important advice we can share is to wait until you’re ready emotionally.

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