Common Types of Time-Shares in Custody Cases

If you're involved in a child custody case, you may wonder what kind of time-share you should pursue. Today, we're covering some common time-shares so you can maximize the time you spend with your child.

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Week On, Week Off

One of the most popular alternative time-share arrangements is a week on, week off schedule where the parents switch custody every week.

One of the major benefits of this time-share is how it allows parents to spend time with their child both during the school week and on the weekend. However, for parents with unconventional work schedules, this arrangement may be more difficult. Additionally, planning out holidays can be tricky depending on what day of the week you decide to switch custody and the relationship between the co-parents.

5-2, 2-5 or 4-3, 3-4

In a 5-2, 2-5 schedule, one parent gets custody for five days, after which the other parent gets custody for two days. Then, the first parent gets two days of custody, after which the other parent gets custody for five days. A 4-3, 3-4 schedule follows the same pattern.

This kind of time-share is more modular and can be a better approach when parents have different work schedules or just want more control over when they have custody. However, it can also be slightly more complicated to schedule out than just switching off custody every week.

The week on, week off and 5-2, 2-5 or 4-3, 3-4 time-shares are often the most popular alternatives to state-recommended time-shares for parents.

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