Issues that Contribute to a Gray Divorce

The Issues of an Older Generation

It is no secret that the divorce rate in America is on the decline. However, what you may not know is that the number of "gray divorces" – those divorces where one or both parties are over the age of 50 – is on the rise. Many issues that can contribute to a gray divorce, and it can be a very difficult process for all involved. Continue reading to learn about some of the issues that can contribute to a gray divorce.

Empty Nest Syndrome

Many factors can contribute to a gray divorce, but one of the most common is empty nest syndrome. When children leave home, parents may find more time on their hands and less to do. This can be a difficult adjustment, particularly for stay-at-home moms who have spent years caring for their kids full-time. Suddenly having all that free time can be overwhelming, leading to feelings of loneliness and isolation.

For parents who have been together for a long time, the empty nest can also be a time of reflection. They may start to wonder if they're really happy in their marriage or if they would be better off on their own. If they don't feel like they have anything in common with their spouse anymore, it may be easier to end the relationship.

Financial Disagreements

Money is one of the most common issues that couples fight about, and it can be a big factor in gray divorce cases. If you and your spouse are having disagreements about money, it's important to try to resolve them as soon as possible. Money problems can lead to other issues, such as stress and anxiety, which can strain a relationship. In addition, it can be easier to hide financial issues from each other, which can also contribute to marital issues.

Work With a Gray Divorce Attorney

Gray divorce can be a difficult and emotionally charged process. If you're considering a gray divorce, it's important to seek professional help to make sure that you're making the best decision for yourself and your family. Know that the team at Law Office of Greg Quimby, P.C. is here to help; if you're considering divorce, we can help you work through the various issues in the process and assist you in planning for your future.

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