Your 2021 Property Division Checklist

The division of assets and liabilities is regularly the most complex part of any divorce. If you're wondering what you should look out for during your property division dispute, we're here to help with a handy property division checklist.

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Speak with Your Lawyer

At the outset of your divorce, you should consult your lawyer. There are two good places to start the conversation:

  • Whether they recommend hiring a third party such as a forensic accountant to prevent your spouse from hiding assets, and;
  • Whether they recommend opening up a separate bank account.

Asking these questions and getting a gameplan before proceeding further with your divorce enables you to make the best decisions from that point on.

Make Copies of Important Documents

You'll want copies of documents such as the deed to your house, vehicle titles, bank statements for the past five years, tax returns, and more.

Making copies of as many documents as you possibly can just gives you more ammunition during your case. Having evidence to support your case never hurts during a property division dispute.

Monitor Your Finances Closely

Tales of spouses hiding assets from one another during property division disputes range far and wide. It's vital that you keep a close eye on your spouse's financial activity throughout your divorce.

Sometimes, divorcees hire third parties such as forensic accountants to do this work for them, but that's not an option for everyone. At the very least, set up a system so you know whenever money is being withdrawn from your bank account, and what it's used for.

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