Co-Parenting 101: Successfully Raising a Child with your Ex

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Co-parenting is the arrangement where parents share the responsibilities of raising their children. While it seems straightforward, the reality is that it can be quite tricky working together with your former spouse. As a family law firm, we’ve had countless clients seeking advice on how to co-parent successfully. Below, we’re sharing our insights to help you navigate your child custody agreement positively.

1. Learn to Work with Your Ex

While this seems like an obvious statement, you need to understand that the dynamics of your relationship with your former partner have changed. You may still hold onto resentment, but don’t let those emotions get in the way of parenting your child. Instead of viewing them as a foe, reframe the relationship. You may never be friends like you once were, but you will have to work together for years. Set boundaries, share a consistent schedule, and communicate respectfully.

2. Improve Communication

Managing two different households can become hectic, and it’s crucial for you and your ex to be on the same page about things related to your children. It’s important to keep communication open, whether through email, texts, over the phone, or face to face.

3. Create Shared Ground Rules

Transitioning from one household to two can be hard for children, and you want to make it as seamless as possible. Plus, kids thrive better when there’s consistency. You and your ex will parent differently, but you should keep basic ground rules reasonably similar. Discuss things like disciplining methods, bedtimes, and school expectations.

4. Keep Confrontation Away from Your Kids

With any relationship, disagreements will arise and that’s completely acceptable. But it would be best if you kept arguments and fights to a minimum and away from your children at the very least. When maintaining courtesy seems impossible, just remember that you are doing this for your kids’ well-being.

Whether you need assistance with your child custody matter or modifying your current agreement, our Colorado child custody attorneys are here to represent you. We are committed to protecting you and your children’s rights.

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