Does Alimony End on Remarriage in CO?

If you've received an alimony order in your divorce, you may be wondering if your obligation to pay for spousal support will end when your ex gets remarried. Today, that's exactly what we're exploring in our blog.

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Will My Ex Spouse's Remarriage Stop My Spousal Support Obligation?

In some states, spousal support doesn't stop automatically when spouses remarry. However, fortunately for Coloradans with spousal support obligations, Colorado isn't one of those states.

In Colorado, spousal support is automatically terminated if the recipient dies or remarries unless the court order specifies otherwise.

Will My Alimony Arrangement Impact When Payments Stop?

Long story short, yes.

In some cases, alimony arrangements may have specific deadlines. For example, in some alimony cases, the payor may be able to pay in a one-time, lump-sum payment, either in cash or in property equivalent to the total amount of alimony the recipient is owed.

Other alimony arrangements may have a set deadline, such as ending when the spousal support recipient receives employment that enables them to have a certain quality of life, or for temporary alimony orders, when the divorce concludes.

However, many spousal support arrangements are more long-term. In such arrangements, the recipient remarrying or passing away are often some of the only conditions for actually ending the alimony arrangement.

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