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During a divorce, one of the most emotional issues is the determination of child custody arrangements. These determinations are emotionally charged, which often leads to heated disputes. With more than a decade of experience on our side, the attorneys at the Law Office of Greg Quimby, P.C., understand the importance of resolving these disputes as efficiently and effectively as possible. We are here to protect your rights and those of your child or children.

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Formerly the law talked about joint custody, sole custody, and legal custody. These terms became obsolete in Colorado law. Colorado now discusses these issues as part of Parental Responsibility. The court assigns each parent the responsibility for taking care of a child and making decisions for that child.

Parenting time and decision making are the concepts that are most important when determining child custody arrangements. Our focus will be on creating arrangements that outline each parent’s time with their children, as well as how each parent will make decisions about the child’s life. The court will want to see both parents involved; however, there are instances where it is best for one parent to have the final say on decisions affecting the child’s life.

Paternity: If paternity is an issue we can discuss your options concerning whether we need to look into genetic testing.  We can also discuss the options of your case to determine whether it is better to file the paternity case under Title 14 or Title 19.  We believe that the client has the right to make informed decisions and to help them determine what is in their and their children’s best interest.

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Child Care

The Best Interest of the Child

The best interest of the child drives the court’s decision when they assign parenting time and decision making responsibility. The factors of best interest are discussed in C.R.S. 14-10-124. We understand these issues and can help a parent understand them as well. That’s the legal part. The most important part is that the parent understands that they need to think about the child rather than themselves in order to come to the proper decision. Painful as that may be, we emphasize that approach.

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